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C&W Meter Service is your partner of choice for custody transfer and mission critical flow measurement proving services. With a wide variety of state of the art tools, C&W can meet the most demanding meter proving needs in the field or in our shop. The key to our success and your satisfaction is using the right tool for the job. Learn more about C&W Meter Service.

If you need to improve your loss prevention, identify metering issues before they cost you big money or just want the peace of mind that you have the right partner to help manage your metrology process, contact C&W Meter Service today. We look forward to serving you soon with our resources based in Quakertown, PA; Bellefontaine, OH and Spartanburg, SC.

C&W Meter Service is celebrating the 35th anniversary of our founding, and we are proud to announce that now we have a second pipeline rig (SVP 18-3HP). The system piping is built to 600# ANSI standards to handle higher pressure applications for flow rates up to 5,000 BPH (3,500 GPM). This rig has on board an 8-inch Coriolis master meter for accurate mass proving applications. Click here to learn more about 18-3HP.


High Flow Prover


Pipeline / Refinery

C&W Meter Service offers a broad range of pipeline custody transfer meter proving services up to a maximum flow rate of 18,000 bph (12,600 gpm). Learn more about our Pipeline services and Refinery services.

  Truck Loading Terminal


Truck Loading Terminal

C&W Meter Service has served the Truck Rack Industry since 1984. We provide small volume in-line provers for fast, efficient proving of rack meters. Learn more about our Truck Loading Rack services and Propane Terminal services.

  Industrial Plants


Industrial Plant

C&W Meter Service has unique capabilities for liquid meter calibration for all types of industrial plants.
We can help you achieve your ISO 9001 requirements. Learn more about our Industrial Plants services and Power/Utility services.

  In House Calibration


In-House Repair & Calibration

You can count on C&W Meter Service for your liquid flow calibration needs. With over 25 years of flow meter calibration experience, we have the equipment and expertise to do it the right way in the time you need it. Learn more about our In House Calibration Services.