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C&W Meter Service offers a broad range of pipeline custody transfer meter proving services up to a maximum flow rate of 18,000 bph (12,600 gpm). All our proving equipment is NIST traceable, and is designed and operated per the guidelines of the American Petroleum Institute (API) for custody transfer meter proving. pipeline

C&W maintains a fleet of portable Small Volume Captive Displacer provers to meet your pipeline meter proving needs. All pipeline proving connections are made via petroleum industry standard hammer style fittings for reliable, leak-free operation. All our proving rigs are equipped with dieselgenerator power for independent, reliable operation, as well as, an on-board drain system for efficient draining of the proving equipment. Prover operation and report generation is done by computer running the PROVEit software program supplied by Flow-Cal, Inc.

To accommodate the high flow portable proving requirements for our customers, C&W has available a portable High Flow proving rig (SVP 34) complete with Small Volume Prover (100 Gal) and 12″ Master Turbine Meter. The 12” Master Turbine Meter provides a transfer standard for proving microprocessor based flow meters (Ultrasonic or Coriolis) that require long sample times to meet API custody transfer requirements. The Direct Master Meter proving method is in accordance with the standards set by the newly revised API MPMS Chapter 4.5 Master Meter Provers. The high flow trailer mounted proving system is built with ANSI #300 class piping with a maximum flow capacity of 18,000 BPH (12,600 GPM) of refined petroleum products. The rig uses 12″ articulating loading arms that are hydraulically actuated to provide flexible hookup from the trailer’s left side, right side or rear and can be crossed to accommodate pipeline flows from left-to-right or right-to-left.

C&W Meter now has available a second pipeline rig (SVP 18-3HP) with a very similarly flexible articulating 8″ load arm system. This piping is built to 600# ANSI standards to handle higher pressure applications for flow rates up to 5,000 BPH (3,500 GPM). This rig has on board an 8-inch Coriolis master meter for accurate mass proving applications.

The measurement technicians employed by C&W have many years of pipeline meter proving experience and are trained in the API guidelines for custody transfer meter proving. The health and safety work practices of all C&W employees is governed by our company Health and Safety Manual which is routinely audited by companies like NCMS, DISA and ISNetworld. Safety is the number one priority for C&W Meter Service.

For a quote or to schedule proving services contact Jeremy at 215.538.3708 or jfedersel@cwmeter.com .