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C&W Meters Service strives to be the precision liquid meter proving service of choice.  To help meet customer needs for top loading facilities, new meter start-up and local weights & measures compliance; C&W Meter provides traditional volumetric proving services using state-of-the-art volumetric prover trucks.SAM Arrival 10142014vpt-3-sep-2016

These rigs provides both a 1,000 and 100 gallon Seraphin Series J stainless steel volumetric prover cans on board to accommodate high flow and low flow meter applications. They are equipped with an onboard PTO driven PD pump, vapor recovery connections, over fill detection, as well as, automated systems for truck leveling and temperature data collection to enable efficient meter proving operations. Our newest rig has dual 1,000 gallon provers for more efficient operation at larger terminals.

We can provide volumetric prover truck services from both our Quakertown, PA and Bellefontaine, OH locations. We look forward to serving you in the future. Contact Mike Scott ( mscott@cwmeter.com ) or call 215.538.3708 to schedule your volumetric proving service today!