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C&W Meter Proving Services is your partner of choice for custody transfer and mission critical flow measurement proving services. With a wide variety of state-of-the-art tools, C&W can meet the most demanding meter proving needs in the field or in our shop. The key to our success and your satisfaction is using the right tool for the job.


Large field mounted ball provers are an important loss control tool for many critical pipeline custody transfer installations. The traditional method to certify the large ball prover base volume has been the waterdraw method using multiple volumetric test measures. This unfortunately is a lengthy and costly process to implement, and thus limits the frequency that ball prover base volume validation can be performed.

In northern locations like Alaska, implementing the traditional waterdraw process is not practical. To respond to this need, the API developed and documented an alternative process detailed in the Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards (MPMS) Chapter 4 – Proving Systems, Section 9 – Methods of Calibration for Displacement and Volumetric Tank Provers, Part 3 – Determination of the Volume of Displacement Provers by the Master Meter Method of Calibration. This process can be implemented on clean petroleum product without the need to dismantle and purge the ball prover to fill it with water. It also provides an excellent, quick diagnostic tool to establish ball prover integrity under normal service conditions and potentially avoiding unnecessary prover dismantling and service.

C&W offers an MPMS Chapter 4.3.9 compliant service using our dynamic displacer SVP, a precision Positive Displacement master meter and Fluke precision temperature measurement electronics. This process can usually be implemented in one working day providing quick, accurate and reliable indication of ball prover base volume repeatability and integrity…..even in warmer climates than Alaska!

Contact us today at 215-538-3708 to explore the use of this API recognized alternative process to help assure your ball provers are operating properly.


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If you need to improve your loss prevention, identify metering issues before they cost you big money or just want the peace of mind that you have the right partner to help manage your metrology process, contact C&W Meter Service today.

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